Soul & Cosmic Connection Alchemist

Healing Hands Holistic Therapies

Sarah E. Otis, CACP, LMT

Although I have been in the massage field since 1999, my dream for a therapeutic
practice was created in early 2003. After eleven years in private practice solely offering Medical Massage Therapy,
I decided to
incorporate more Energy-Based Therapies to further encompass the fully Holistic approach to my clients well-being.

Since my return in 2016 I have added Spiritual Coaching,

Oracle Readings, Anahata Codes and some new distant healing modalities
to my list of services.

The past couple years have brought many exciting changes and a whole new location that took me away from the region and then brought me back.

As I evolve personally so does my professional life. I look forward to blending even more of my personal gifts and abilities to best facilitate your personal healing so that you can bring balance to your body, mind and spirit once more.
I am a Soul & Cosmic Connection Alchemist who uses the wisdom and knowledge gained through my vast array of life experiences-traumas-tragedies-challenges, my deep connection with the cosmos, galaxies and other lifeforms, field specific training's and 16 years Holistic Massage Therapy Practice to guide others to dig deep within themselves to the core reasons for their blocks and limitations.

All my work is done from a place of unconditional love so you feel safe to dive into this raw and vulnerable soul healing work. Although I have retired from the massage aspect of my business after 15 years, to allow me to take my business in a whole new direction offering energy healing modalities, Cranial Sacral Healing, Sound Healing and much more!

I have been sharing my wisdom and knowledge of holistic healing, alternative medicine, massage and much more for almost 20 years. I retired from doing massage therapy in 2014 after 15 years of providing medical massage therapy and took a 2 year sabbatical doing volunteer/humanitarian work in India, Nepal and Thailand where my life completely transformed and various experiences and events propelled me forward into a nose dive into my core wounds that were holding me back from standing in my light while being a beautiful authentic version of myself. It's not that I wasn't authentic before, I wasn't shining my light as brightly as I could, not fully standing within my power and standing strong within my truths of who I am.

I was afraid and allowed my fears to create challenges so that I could learn more about who I truly was when I am standing in my light, truth and power! This transformational trip ignited my souls flame once more and gave me no choice but to 'show up' and take my souls purpose by the reins and do the beautiful work I am here to do.....

Since my return I have continued to come out of my state of complete solitude that allowed for my personal healing to unfold and completion of my personal energetic crystalline transformation. 

I am stepping into a new role to share all these wonderful energetic downloads I have been honored to be given during my time living in the breathtakingly beautiful and POWERFUL Himalayan Mtns of India to help others transform their lives like I have my own.

I have and always will lead my life by example and be a
source of inspiration for others!
As each drop of loving, compassionate kindness I put out into the world ripples in a million different directions to continue the phenomenal healing that humanity needs while encouraging you to Give in Kind creating even more ripples.....we each play a finite role in creating the change we all wish to see and

~ Sarah Otis

Give me your hand, as it will be my great honor to be your guide where I will walk along side you as you embrace your soul's true essence. I will guide you to how to go within to seek the answers to your own truths so that you can address, heal and release your core wounds that are limiting your standing in your authentic truth, light and power. When we can shed and strip away the things limiting your truths then that's when you shine....

If I resonate with you and you'd like to learn more, please be in touch as I would love to explore how I can be of service for you. Please message, email or phone me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Some view from my time abroad finding my truth living my passion


One soul connecting to another soul....
Was one of the most magical things I have ever done!


Felt so beautiful in traditional Rajasthani clothing

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